Why Sheryl Sandberg and Moses Maimonides are so alike.

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Why Sheryl Sandberg And Moses Maimonides Are So Alike.

Who would dream that Sheryl Sandberg and Moses Maimonides could be so alike? And that in 21st century America, both of their messages couldn’t be more relevant?

Whether Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook fame is talking about women aspiring to higher positions of power to make change, or Moses Maimonides, the great 12th century philosopher is urging mentors to provide jobs and not give charity alone, they are both telling us that nothing is as important as investing in the people around us.

Today I had a call from a wonderful young woman full of talent and promise but just about to lose her job. She needed more training and only a few do-able skills that would have made her work excellent instead of not good enough. If every executive director and manager of a non-profit, encouraged their staff to ask for they need and asked that same staff to help others get what they need, our world would change.

With little cost and a lot to gain, all of us can create a mentoring culture.. When people feel supported, they are more creative, collaborative, work harder and spread happiness. As people are at the center of non-profits, which are at the center of the public good, what organization couldn’t make better use of of Sandberg’s and Maimonides’ wisdom? My suggestion? Be the ones who do and your returns will be better than what you had dreamed…